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Historical Background of the Bangalore Archdiocese
The Archdiocese of Bangalore was formerly part of the Mysore Mission, erected into a Vicariate in 1850, after separation from Pondicherry (in south India) in 1845. In 1886 when the Hierarchy in India was established by the papal Bull, Mysore became "Humanae Salutis Auctor" Diocese, with Bangalore as headquarters. The Diocese was bifurcated, and thus the Diocese of Bangalore as such, was established, on 13th February, 1940. It became an Archdiocese on 19th, September 1953. 2013 will the diamond Jubilee of our Archdiocese.

Archdiocesan Cathedral, Bangalore
on 14th November 1988, the Diocese of Shimoga was created to which, Bangalore Archdiocese seeded the civil district of Chitradurga. Thus the actual Bangalore Archdiocese comprises only three civil districts of Bangalore, Kolar and Tumkur. These cover an area of 27,013.85 sq kms with a total population of 66, 01,100 as per census of 1997, of which 4, 09,247 are Christians and of which 3, 32,120 are Catholics (1999).

The Bangalore Archdiocese consists of 135-parishes, 129-diocesan priests (religious priests are in some parishes), more than 24 high schools, few Pre - university colleges, 1 orphanage, Marriage Tribunal, Youth Centre and Young Students Movement, Multi - purpose Social Service Society, Catechetics Centre, Communication Centre and many more institutions which belong to the Archdiocese of Bangalore.

2,060 Km south of New Delhi, in the silicon city of Bangalore, is situated a unique house "Bakhti Bhavan" (translated as " House of Devotion""). Bhakthi Bhavan was established as a Minor Seminary for Bangalore Archdiocese in the year 1989, by the then Archbishop The Most Rev. Dr. Alphonsus Mathias.

Bhakthi Bhavan is about 300 meters away from the National Biblical Catechetical Liturgical Centre (NBCLC) which is popularly known as the "Vatican area of Bangalore". Owing to the number of religious houses in the vicinity, the premises of Bhakthi Bhavan was formerly known as "Sudeep Training Institute" where, religious sisters from various congregations, studied short liturgy and theological courses.

Hitherto, prior to 1989 all students aspiring to become priests in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, were sent to Mysore Regional Minor Seminary (about 140 km from Bangalore) for their minor seminary training.

Later, a small minor seminary exclusively, for Bangalore candidates was started in the Catholic Centre, with a scanty infrastructure. The following year, Sudeep Training Institute (actually started for sisters) was transformed and re - christened as "Bakhti Bhavan" by the then Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Alphonsus Mathias. Bakhti Bhavan has a Director, Vice- Rector, a Spiritual Director and three teachers to prepare young men for priesthood.

In the year 1989, Most Rev. Dr. Alphonsus Mathias, the then Archbishop of Bangalore; on the insistence of many senior priests, decided to restart the minor Seminary at Bangalore.

The building of Sudeep Training Institute, which is located behind the Ascension Church, D'Costa Layout, Bangalore, and which was used for special training for religious sisters, was administered for the new Minor Seminary, and renamed as "BHAKTHI BHAVAN".

Mother Mary was chosen as the heavenly patroness (Feast 21st Nov).

This building, was quite old, and needed some changes and repairs to be more functional, and in keeping with the times. Extensive renovation was done and better facilities provided. The chapel was redesigned, and was consecrated to St. Faustina, whose relic was installed on the 5th, of July 2010, by His Grace Archbishop Bernard Moras.